Why You Need to Consider Unsubscribing From My List

June 3rd, 2014

“You’ve changed Kat”, they said. “People used to get value out of your stuff …” “You need to pay attention to the feedback … this is not how you should be doing things … you better watch your numbers because it will start to show!” Well, I did watch them, and it did show. You can bet your bottom dollar it showed. See here’s the thing – I tried so hard to follow all of the rules. I went to all the best courses, paid a ton for coaching, stayed up late and got up early to learn what I didn’t know about sales, about marketing, about “making it” online. I pored over the sales pages, blogs, emails and social media of those who I looked up to, soaked up every word and asked myself how I could learn from it. As I started to make headway I was careful to implement changes that should naturally come with growth. Things like boundaries, and charging the ‘right’ price, and doing all the little and big things that one must do in order to succeed online. It was hard going, never ending, often exhausting, but I was always an eager student and so I kept on keeping on, knowing I was creating a future most would never even dream about. And it did work … for sure … in a way. I made money, I quit face to face client work, I was able to step up to new levels of coaching, travel, living … I was creating status … People knew who I was … I felt like I was ACHIEVING and DOING THINGS and MAKING SH*T HAPPEN. I was creating valuable blogs, earnestly planned social media content, teaching and inspiring and motivating and sharing my skills. People were thanking me daily. So why did I feel so empty, burnt out and just plain OVER it? It’s really simple. I forgot, in the midst of all of the doing, to be. I forgot to just breathe, and be me. I forgot that it was OK to say what I really think, and worse still I forgot how. Why You Should Consider Unsubscribing From My List I am DONE with being who I think I need to be online. I am DONE with trying to follow the rules appointed by the Gods of the Internet. I am done with trying to be…

11 Things You HAVE to Be Doing to Make Your Shit Sell … Fast!

May 29th, 2014

I’m going to tell you the straight-up truth on what you need to be doing if you want to sell a LOT of your stuff online, and do it fast. Warning … this might be confrontational! I’ve figured out a thing or two about money over the past few years. Particularly in the past 6-12 months. Being dead near broke and considering bankruptcy has a funny way of making you pull your finger out of your ass and really figure out what works. Unless you give yourself the option of accepting defeat and getting a job or something, which was never on the cards for me. I would have gone down in flames and moved into my parents spare room with my entire family before I did that! And then started again. Always, started again. It drives me mad that now I can so easily look back and see where I want wrong on my quest for money and success, a life on my terms. At the time I truly thought I was doing everything, giving it my all, so why wasn’t it working? It’s only now that I see how damn DISCONNNECTED I was from what I was meant to be doing in my business for ME, for my CLIENTS and then thirdly (not first!) for money and success. I wish someone had have given me a slap on the head and showed me. Although I do wonder if it was just something I had to go through, a rite of passage, a way of testing out my resolve and seeing if I had what it takes to REALLY make it. (I always believed I did; I was always that certain, or arrogant if you prefer. Even when I had 0.04c in my bank account and nobody was buying my stuff). Anyway … I’ve learned some stuff. I want to share it with you. Maybe, if you’re going through your own financial and success hellfire, it will help. Or maybe it won’t help you at ALL and this is just YOUR rite of passage. Maybe you have to hit rock bottom in order to figure out how to do things the right way for YOU. I actually believe that was true in my situation. If that’s the case for you, this list will still help. You can read it now and then come back to it when you’re ready…

The Selfish Bitch Revolution – Join Us?

May 13th, 2014

I’m starting a revolution. And I want you to think very very carefully about whether you’re going to join me. It’s not the kind of thing you test out, trial, ‘have a go at’. You’re either in or you’re out. You’re either one of us, or you’re not. Because what this is, really, goes beyond community, beyond tribe, maybe even beyond the word revolution itself. And you don’t join in because it sounds cool, or fun, or even because of what you’ll learn or how you’ll be inspired. THIS IS A BATTLE CRY. It’s a call to arms, for women everywhere, all around the world, to rise up and truly make a stand for what they believe in. And these are the terms. You are a LEADER. You were born to be the best. You were born to play bigger than big, to go where few women have gone before, and certainly where nobody in the normal world would dare go. To do what most won’t, so that you can live a life they can’t. You are a DIVA. Your time is to be nurtured, protected, spent on the $10,000 p/hour work that most entrepreneurs hide from. Not with your hands in a sink or your time swept up being ‘busy’ in a business that never grows, never quite goes … anywhere. You were BORN TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. The 6-figure business that most strive for is not going to cut it for you. It’s a great start, of course. And we all have to start somewhere. With gratitude. But where you’re really headed, goes so damn far beyond 6-figures that the truth is you don’t really dare to talk about it. But the truth is also, and unavoidably, that you can’t shut down your destiny. You KNOW you were born for more. You know your real dreams scare even you … and will have most around you either scoff, admonish or just plain old not get it. You are a SELFISH BITCH. You love your family, your partner, your kids, your friends, your life. But you are nothing for any of them, for any of it, if you don’t first do what YOU were sent here to do. You’re a selfish bitch, and proud of it. People will deem you a workaholic, obsessed, TOO busy, stressed, wound up, can’t relax, never seems to stop, a crazy superwoman … but…

The Multi 6-Figure Coaching Secret I Wish I Knew

May 7th, 2014

When I first started to make really great money in my business it was the oddest feeling in the world. I’d become SO used to scrimping and saving, to spending every penny twice before it even reached me, that the idea of having more money than I needed just to keep my head afloat? Was damn weird. And to be honest I couldn’t relax with it at first! I even kept looking through my notes and diary to see if there was any bills I’d missed. Surely I had to use all the money I had right away?! Surely I couldn’t just have money sitting in my bank account and nowhere to send it?! That was just WEIRD. It’s not as though we’re talking tens of thousands here either at first. The very first time this happened to me the amount I had left after paying everything that needed paying and after putting some away for savings and for tithing and even into my ‘fun spending account’ I have, was $784. But to me it was the world. And what it represented, was everything. Everything I’d fought for for so damn long. The years of trying to find my path. The times of being on that path, of even making great money but yet somehow never having anything to show for it, and never quite being able to pay all of my bills on time. I was used to the juggle, heck I was a GUN at it. A few dollars from this account, a handful from that account, move some around over here and she’ll be right mate! I always managed to pay everything in the end, and I was certainly an expert at prioritising which things had to be dealt with first and which could be held off for a bit. I made sure to maintain my image as successful and on the road to wealth as well, so nobody except me had to know. I drove an Audi, wore expensive gym gear, ate out often at cafes. I wouldn’t say I blew money but I certainly didn’t preserve it either. And I guess over the years – considering that all of this goes back as far as I can remember and certainly to the begin of my online journey in 2007 – it became normal to me to be just getting by. Maybe I even liked the…

Cracking the Money Code: How to End a Money Drought Make Money that Flows and Flows and Flows

April 30th, 2014

It would be nice if I could say I only have great things to write about us fast-thinking, creative, driven, “Selfish Bitch” entrepreneurs. And before your ears prick up, no I’m not about to write something awful. But there is this thing we tend to do, and it can be pretty damn detrimental to ourselves as well as to those who we are supposed to impact. I’m talking about the trap of pursuing money. No, I don’t mean ‘money for money’s sake’ and nor do I mean chasing money by means of trying to scam people or without giving value in return. I don’t have to tell you – we hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard of performance and if anything we err on the side of OVER delivering value with everything we sell, rather than under-delivering. We care deeply about how others regard us – maybe too much, okay definitely too much! – and we go out of our way to devise products. services and offerings that people will LOVE and that will also result in profit for us. But here is where it goes oh-so-wrong, and where the desire to create a wildly profitable business and do good in the world while at the same time living your damn TRUTH turns into an exhaustive pursuit of money – Are you ready? It’s really freaking simple. You try too hard. You try too darn hard to do what will work and what will make money, you give it your ALL, you are the very best student you can be of marketing, and sales, and strategy and you create sales pages and email sequences based on all of the ‘right’ tricks and techniques, and you create free gifts to lead people into buying your paid thing, and you set up ads, and you post on social media, and you do your follow up, and you HEAP on the bonuses and value so that people simply won’t be able to RESIST you, and you really don’t miss dotting an ‘i’ or crossing a ‘t’, but for some reason, for some God-forsaken reason that you just can NOT seem to figure out, and despite the fact that time just keeps on passing and you THOUGHT things would be getting better by now, in fact you SWORE to yourself that they would be – It just ain’t working. People don’t seem to…

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