You selfish bitch

April 21st, 2014

Do you ever feel like you just can’t help yourself you are SO damn selfish with your time and what you want to be doing? I can’t tell you how many times a DAY I feel torn between whether to work on my business or spend time playing with my 4 year old daughter or my 6 month old son, or maybe even relaxing with my husband once in a while … and I have to be honest here (even though I’m scared to say this) – My preference is working on my business.

My eyes are covered right now. Please don’t throw things at me! I swear I love love LOVE being a Mum and there is no sweeter sound than that of my kids laughing but full disclosure? There is no sweeter feeling than the satisfaction of knowing I showed up in my business today and I did the work I know I am born to do.

And I’m not gonna pretend any longer -

I am a workaholic, and proud of it.

And you know what else? I am really freaking selfish about getting time for my work.…

I leave the house in a mess most days.
My bills don’t get paid until I get the reminder notice (not because I don’t wanna pay them, just cause I forget!)
I have a TON of stuff I’ve been meaning to put on ebay for ages.
I HATE when my kids or husband or ANYONE speaks to me when I’m working, especially if it’s when I’m writing.
I will go out of my way to avoid people, situations, meetings and tasks – pretty much to whatever extent I need to – if it means I can get to be alone with my laptop.
I find small talk EXCRUCIATING because

Can I Kick Your Ass?

April 21st, 2014

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing I love more than giving a good ass-whupping to a client or reader. Last week alone I had two women in tears over what I said to them and a third practically hanging her head in shame after I called her on the flat out bullshit excuse she tried to give me for why she hadn’t yet done what she’d been talking about for 6 months.

6 freaking months! I mean come ON. Tell me whatever you like about time, money, life sh*t going on and whatever else you like but you know what? I’ve heard all your excuses before and I don’t give a damn -

Do you want this life you talk about, or don’t you?

Do you actually intend to do what it is you say you want to do in your biz … launch the course, write the book, start the membership program or even start the actual business for heavens sakes! … or are you in fact completely full of shit?

If it’s the latter and you know that despite all your big dreams and big talk and despite even your willingness to invest in yourself and have a crack you actually don’t believe you ever WILL, then please let me do you a favour.


Just stop. You’re wasting your time, your energy, the time of your coach if you have one, and you really might as well admit defeat and save yourself any more bother. Hey – plenty of people are happy (I think?!) with the 9-5 and there’s nothing wrong with not having what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

But if you know that you know that you KNOW that you can and you WILL succeed, that you not only have what it takes but …

How to Build a 6 or 7-Figure Business in Less Than a Million Hours a Week: The Have a Life Guide to Getting Sh*t Done

April 16th, 2014

I got into this whole online game to be a writer, make a difference, maybe even change the world. And I’d like to think that in my own way, I’ve done that. In my first online business I became known for helping women to beat emotional eating and get the body they want without having to pay a crazy price and now I get to help driven, creative and fast-thinking women make awesome money online, doing what they love. Aside from my own clients, mastermind group and community, I also reach a broader audience of potentially millions through my Amazon books and blogs and social media.

But most of the time, nobody cares two hoots about the intricacies of all of that or even any of that. I guess I get a fair few questions about how I launch so much stuff so successfully, but that really just ties straight back in to the #1 thing I do get asked -

How on earth do you get it all done?!

It’s no secret that I believe in working your BUTT off to get sh*t done – I follow a ‘sprint, rest, sprint’ approach to work and I personally feel everyone should! I’ve found that going ‘balls to the walls’ is absolutely the best way to be a content machine, get recognised as an expert, take your industry by storm, and make a million dollars!

But how to do all of that without sacrificing EVERYTHING else?

One of my new clients, who I spoke with yesterday, was clearly anxious in telling me that she could really only spare 8-10 hours a week at the moment to build her online business. Not only was she genuinely worried that she’s not going to be able to achieve any real success with that sort …

[Podcast] “Get Lean” Belinda Benn Talks Frumpy to Crazy Fit at Nearly 50, Plus Online FitBiz Secrets!

April 15th, 2014

Welcome to the second episode of my brand new Press Play Podcast! If you missed episode one, with the fabulous Denise Duffield-Thomas of “Lucky Bitch” fame, you can listen over here.

In today’s episode I am stoked to have Belinda Benn on the show. Belinda is a world-renowned fitness model and incredibly successful online entrepreneur who has helped thousands of women from around the world to create a body the love and to walk around everyday with confidence and self-esteem. But that’s not all … Belinda herself is her very own most successful transformation story! Check out her ‘before and after’ below – and don’t fall of your chair when I tell you Belinda is nearly 50 in the second shot!

After experiencing massive personal upheaval caused by the breakdown of her marriage in her late thirties, and being forced to recognise that she wasn’t happy with who she was or the life she was living, Belinda embarked on a journey of change that took her from (in her words) ‘frumpy’ Adelaide office girl who had never exercised in her life, to experienced surfer and internationally famous fitness model living on the beaches of Panama and building a ‘runaway success’ with her Get Lean Program.

In today’s episode of The Press Play Podcast, Belinda shares the true story behind her dramatic transformation, and why it was something she set out to do for herself – as well as how she never expected to end up where she is now! I also twisted her arm and she agreed to speak openly about her online fitness business secrets, and what she has to say on truly ‘making it’ as an entrepreneur is absolute gold!

Click the audio to listen now!

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Today’s show …

How to Be a Content Machine, Get Recognised as an Expert, Storm Your Industry, and Make a Million Dollars

April 9th, 2014

Yep … this is gonna be one of THOSE posts … in which money is discussed. In which the desire to make money is discussed. In which (!!!) getting RICH if discussed. I’m just giving you the heads up, so that if you’re in the ‘see no evil hear no evil’ camp when it comes to money, and feel that it really should not be talked about at all, you can click away sofort!

So. You’re still here! Cool

Full disclosure? Whilst I have made well over a million in my business, I’m not yet making a million a year. But with my business revenue more than doubling each year for the past 3 years, and bearing in mind the fact that I came in just under half a mil in the last financial year, I guess I’m on my way.

And today I’d like to share with you what I consider to be one of the ‘key’ keys, if you will, to my modestly rapid success. Hey … for sure there are others out there that are making multi-millions within their first year, so I know I’m not truly one of the big players online at all! But my 30-50+ k a month sure makes ME feel good. And a few years ago? I was making just peanuts online, maybe a few k a year. So it’s been pretty transformational, especially now that I get to live my dream life with my young family, currently on the beach and about to take off for 2 years of endless travel. If I can share some of what worked with you and impact your dream biz and dream life creation, then awesome! And if you hate open talks about money, well – you know what to do

I’ve broken this post …


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